Unity game engine

Unity Game engine

Of course project actually is located in my drive. I thinking also about place it in cloud, but right now I don’t collaborate with noone, so when It’ll be necessary I place project to the cloud. As you can see it’s my only one project in Unity.
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Drakan Remake has a lot of assets, but it’s not enough. These assets ought to be consistent. Unnecessary assets has to be deleted because they take too much space.


Arokh Components

  • “Fly”: yes, he can inimate fly, but it definitely not sufficient.

Rynn Components

Rynn right now has some basic scripts such as:

  • Player motion: forward, back, left, right,slow walk,sprint, attacking. Speed of Rynn depend on animation. In this .cs file I can change rotation speed.
  • Player sword: position when sword is unequipped or equipped.
  • Rigidbody: here we can change her mass so she can fall faster. Arokh of course hasn’t right know this component.
  • Collider: it depend when other objects has mesh collider.
  • Animator: animations such as idle, walk, sprint. I still have problem with sprint. She has also animation of attack but fight system needs to be improved
    • She has Player_controller and Avatar. In Unity there is functionality that we can create humanoid avatar and bones based on obj. I think better to just make it in blender.
  • Camera movement: it has determination of player camera, center point of Rynn, distance, max and min height of camera. In script we have lookat function.
  • Two lights to make her good visible
    • two lights

Game Components

  • Of course we have Input Manager,
  • input manager