The Order Reborn

The Order Reborn



The unique story about a young female warrior who awakens a sleeping dragon that was once part of a long lost age many centuries ago. The story follows their developing friendship as they venture on a quest to defeat the evil forces that have invaded the land and to restore world order. The story closely follows the events of the PC and PS2 games but however some parts have been added and / or removed to make it more like a story about a real world where dragons and humans co-exist rather than a game. A few people from the Drakan community have contributed to and written large sections of this story who are detailed in the credits below.


Arokh’s Twin (main writer and editor)

Assassin (writer)

Dark Master (Suggestions and help)

The Darklord (writer)

UltaHolyDragon (writer)

Draco (writer)

ErugeBoren (writer)

Nin (writer)

Orcanos (writer)

And of course, Sony Computer Entertainment, Psygnosis and Surreal Software who made the games and the world of Drakan possible.

Please note, before continuing, this story contains fantasy violence and descriptions of human suffering and torture. There are also a few sexual references and some bad language but there is nothing that is explicit or contains foul language. Hence the story is only suitable for mature readers and should not be read by younger readers. The story does have some humour in it to lighten the fantasy violent theme especially the comments between the human and dragon deeper into the story when their relationship is more developed. A few moments that should bring a smile to people’s lips.

Downloadable, printable version in rich text format (no images though) can be downloaded here. 



Chapter One: Ruined Village

Chapter Two: The Awakening of a Legend

Chapter Three: Wartock Canyons

Chapter Four: Grimstone Mines

Chapter Five: Snowy Grotto

Chapter Six: The Eastern Archipelago

Chapter Seven: Ruins of Alwarren

Chapter Eight: Test of the Tower

Chapter Nine: A Little too Late?

Chapter Ten: Volcano of Death

Chapter Eleven: New Worlds

Chapter Twelve: Strange Voices (Start of Drakan: TAG)

Chapter Thirteen: The Beginning of a New Adventure

Chapter Fourteen: The Swamp of Peril

Chapter Fifteen: The Bringing back of the Dead

Chapter Sixteen: Unexpected Weather

Chapter Seventeen: Treading on unfamiliar Ground

Chapter Eighteen: Enemy Unknown

Chapter Nineteen: Imprisoned!

Chapter Twenty: Trouble at the Palace

Chapter Twenty One: A Familiar Place

Chapter Twenty Two: Double Dragon

Chapter Twenty Three: Enemy at the Gates


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