Drakan: Multiplayer matches. 10th August 2018 . Players: Rev, R3DB and YanGez93

Hi! We had some multiplayer matches on 10th August 2018. Definately Rev dominated last match 🙂 There is of course recorded video

Players: Rev, R3DB and YanGez93


OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake. Rift Crystal.

Hi! There is another video, this time it’ll be Rift Crystal. Video is for demonstrating this level in terms of design. I add to text fire effect, add interesting objects such as: spider web, leaves, crates and even lightning in Rift Crystal itself. Rynn he finally has armor 🙂 . Check this out!

New gameplay videos of OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake

Hi, I’d like to post new gameplay videos of OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake. I think it’ll be great to show for wider audience this project. Specials thanks for Mechanist that he recorded gameplay of Tech Demo of this project. I hope you guys will enjoy this 🙂

OpenOOTF: Islands

OpenOOTF: Tech Demo, Ruined Village. Gameplay by Mechanist

OpenOOTF: Vulcano World and Runeblade Stone Cave

Drakan MP Match 2018-06-24

Hi. I’d like to post some screenshots that I got from Discord channel of recent Drakan Match in 2018-06-24. I wasn’t played in this match but nice to post news about this match 🙂

Very intestesing one is with Flat Dragon and Dragon igniting a BBQ 🙂