Duels, Air and ground battles in Drakan Multiplayer. 2018-09-09

Hi! Duels, Air and ground battles took place in recent Drakan Multiplayer 9th september 2018.

Check this out!

Players: Mechanist, Jav95, Rev, YanGez93 and R3DB. Enjoy!


Skullsplitter Special Combo Movement in Drakan: Order of the Flame

Here we have some footage of Skullsplitter Special Combo Movement in Drakan: Order of the Flame practice session. Check this out!

Map: MP training – Relic (Ground)

Tap JUMP, then tap CROUCH, then press PRIMARY ATTACK while falling. To reduce the damage taken from a fall, or hit an enemy from above – tapping JUMP first is still required, even if Rynn is already in the air.

Dark Knight 3D model progress by Javixx95

Hi. I’d like to present you new images of Dark Knight 3D model by Javixx95

Javixx95 says that it’s not finished yet because it will need more details  for example another chain. This model has no skin, but metal material. Eyes and whole model will be better once it’s texturized.

I wish good luck in completing the model 🙂

Dark Knight 3D Model progress by Javixx95


Drakan: 10th Anniversary mod by Shelim and Kronikarz. Gameplay preview

Hi, there is my little preview of Drakan: 10th Anniversary mod by Shelim and Kronikarz.

Drakan: 10th Anniversary is a mod for Drakan: The Order of the Flame fixing the majority of known bugs and adding new graphic effects based on an additional DirectX 9 rendering engine. This allows for previously unavailable effects such as normal mapping, depth of field, motion blur, etc.


-Fixed the majority of known Drakan bugs

-Normal mapping using procedural normal map textures

-Motion Blur

-Post-processing effects

-Ability to use custom shaders

-Ability to use custom normal maps

-Ability to use custom textures of any size (not limited to 256×256)

-All effects configurable using a convenient launcher

-And others!


More info at: http://www.drakan.eu

OpenOOTF: Rynn,Scavenger and spider models progress by Javixx95

Hi. I’d like to annonce that Javi Muñoz Ib nickname: Javixx95 member started make models of: Rynn, Scavenger and spider.

Check this out! Sounds promising. I hope that the end result will be incredible and graphic design will be very encouraging.

Rynn model progress:

Model progressing in the smallest details, check in particular Rynn’s necklace:)

Scavenger model progress:

Spider model progress:

Thanks very much for Javixx95 and his effort. Check also his YouTube channel: