Gameplay videos

Gameplay videos of OpenOOTF: A Drakan Remake

OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake. Rynn’s first conversation with The Farmer

I’ve made cutscene recreation Rynn’s first conversation with The Farmer before Rynn will go to Spider Cave.Unfortunately I dont have full transcription to make captions but I have that in mind to do so.

OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake. Volcano. Rynn and Arokh are flying to Rift World

The work consisted mainly in making animations of Arokh and Rynn in Blender software. I wanted to make this as accurately as possible. I added a system of particles at the entrance to Rift World. Or you can hear original sounds from Drakan (especially Lava Loop or Rift Wind). 


Intro cutscene.


Book of The Legends




Ruined Village