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One of the most important game mods and fans creativity


Drakan: 10th Anniversary by Shelim and Kronikarz

Is a mod for Drakan: The Order of the Flame fixing the majority of known bugs and adding new graphic effects based on an additional DirectX 9 rendering engine. This allows for previously unavailable effects such as normal mapping, depth of field or motion blur.

Here is Gameplay video with 10th Anniversary mod:

More info at Drakan: 10th Anniversary main website

The Order Reborn


The unique story about a young female warrior who awakens a sleeping dragon that was once part of a long lost age many centuries ago. The story follows their developing friendship as they venture on a quest to defeat the evil forces that have invaded the land and to restore world order. The story closely follows the events of the PC and PS2 games but however some parts have been added and / or removed to make it more like a story about a real world where dragons and humans co-exist rather than a game. A few people from the Drakan community have contributed to and written large sections of this story who are detailed in the credits below.

For me incredible story. Get immerse in an amazing adventure.

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Credits: Arokh’s Twin (main writer and editor), Assassin (writer), Dark Master (Suggestions and help), The Darklord (writer), UltaHolyDragon (writer), Draco (writer), ErugeBoren (writer), Nin (writer), Orcanos (writer)

Beginnings by Firetalon

A medium length story set hundreds if not thousands of years before the Order of the Flame. Its about a band of men who tire of the local Dragon population and start a fight with them. There are a few tense moments in this tale which makes enjoyable reading. This is one of my favourites.

by Firetalon

Arokh the Dragon by Arokh

A short tale set about 180 years after the order was formed. Its about Heron who accidentally finds the Dragonstone which was stolen some years ago. A lone tribe of dragons, not yet part of the Order visits Heron’s village to try and take it back to its rightful place.

by Arokh

Uniting of Heroes by Arokh’s Twin

A medium length story about the meeting of Heron and Arokh which led to friendship and eventually bonding. This was originally written for the Surreal-news lore contest but I didn’t have time to enter it.

by Arokh’s Twin

A Tale of Dragons by multiple authors

This story was originally on the Surreal-news forums. It was an ongoing story project, contributed to by anyone who wanted to write a section or two. The story was eventually drawn to a close and after some time it was put on this site. It has been edited slightly for continuity errors and to remove a few contradictions. A Tale of Dragons is set some time after the PC game ended and centres around Rynn and Arokh continuing to battle the Dark union reborn. Note that this story is an alternative to Drakan 2 (TAG) as it was written before the game was finished & it’s ‘official’ story was known.

Credits: Sorry, link is dead. I cannot find authors 😦

Drakan2: The fan fiction by Shadow of Light


The Darion trilogy part 1 by Assassin


The Darion trilogy part 2 by Assassin


The Darion Trilogy part 3 by Assassin


Dortenne: A beginning and an end by Assassin


Dortenne: Heroes Needed by Assassin


Changetime by Assassin


Encounter by Assassin


Night and Day by Assassin


Eternity by Assassin

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