About project

OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake by YanGez93


OpenOOTF is a remake of Drakan: Order of the Flame from 1999. Game is graphical mod made in Unity Engine. A lot of ideas from other fans have appeared but rather the “based Drakan-World” games have never been completed.
Project is made in Unity Engine, I chose it because of the possibility of any completion of project. Advantages: a large number of tutorials, online courses, downloadable assets, placeholder supports, Unity forums, huge community of Unity users and possibility of collaboration.

Idea of making this remake is that Drakan: Order of the Flame is incredible, climatic game with amazing plot. Game received positive reception worldwide. Game still has fans, active forums, artists make artworks, modders improve this game deleting bugs and fans play multiplayer despite discouraging technically multiplayer mode.

I’am also fan that wants to recreate Drakan world in modern engines. But to not make this remake completly the same but I want to add new features not removing anything from the original Drakan. Thanks to game/editor patches or additional scripts it’s been easier
to recreate Drakan world in newest engines.

The project is 100% free. I will rather not write here on this issue, you know why 🙂 Project was initially something like “learning course” but as project getting bigger also more and more ambitions. Because The Drakan games are copyright 1999 Psygnosis & 2001 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.This project will be released as Mod and player before playing has to own original copy of Drakan:Order of The Flame.

It is very motivating for me to be member of Drakan Discord Channel and Arokh’s Lair forum, important for acquiring more knowledge about game developement, graphics, programming and of course about Drakan World.

Project Lead



Special thanks to:

Arokhs Twin
and other members of Drakan Discord Channel!

You can find the latest info at https://arokhslair.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=4.

And first of all : Make sure you own original Drakan: Order of The Flame before you will play OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake!


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