OpenOOTF: Wartok raid cutscene, GUI preview and improved intro

Welcome πŸ™‚

Recently I spent quite a lot of time to make intro – GUI (main menu) and Wartok Raid cutscene. I worked mainly on animations, it took a lot of time, as well as improving models, inserting better quality materials (and above all, editing models in Blender in terms of smooth shading). I added the cursor, icon, transitions between intro, menu and the first level. You can see all kinds of models that were in the original Drakan: villagers, female villagers, barrels,orcs, trolls and even scavenger. I’ve placed much more fires on burnt houses. In the intro you can see a destructible letters that are directed to the camera (after editing the Arokh animation you can notice that he is rotated at a certain angle ). Any suggestions? Write something πŸ™‚

OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake. Wartok Raid cutscene. Main Menu and Intro

Enjoy πŸ™‚


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