OpenOOTF Progress: Cutscene with Wartok Raid. Ruined Village

Hi, I’ve made little progress on making first cutscene with Rynn and Delon – Wartok Raid. I imported models from Drakan. Made basic animation of walking and idle to each model. And make timeline. Each Wartok has added normals so they look more detailed. For Rynn and Delon it did not look good. Rather, here I would just need better quality textures than masking poor and old quality. Anyways, the most important thing is now there is original Rynn in OpenOOTF 🙂 Please wait for the final video on my YouTube channel soon 🙂

I’ve also added FadeIn effect in first couple seconds of cutscene as it is in original Drakan.


Rynn: For a little brother, you’re not half bad, Delon. The way you found Atimar’s dagger was clever indeed!

Delon: I hope his reward is better than that last book of proverbs he gave me.
There were a couple of funny ones, though. Like, “your tongue weighs practically nothing, so how come you can’t hold it?”, heh… And…

Delon: Uh-oh!

Rynn: Quick! Get behind me!


Progress GUI Drakan

Progress on Select Level of Difficulty and Loading bar

Select Level of Difficulty and Loading


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