OpenOOTF progress: New features

Hi. I’d like to post news about recent progress of OpenOOTF: A Drakan Remake.

Drakan intro


I’ve spending some time in recreating intro of Drakan:Order of The Flame.As you can see: owl and Arokh are animated. I’ve added sound fx. I made destructible letters. For each letter – I added rigidbody and cutted into parts so after Arokh impact they collapse

Drakan GUI:

Main menu with animated rings. Here is example of animated rotating inner and outer rings. Currently there are made such features in menu :credits, quit, new game, and options.

Exit pop-up with message “Too scared to face the perils of Drakan?” Of course with sound effects with triggers: hovering,clicking or pop-up.

exit popup.jpg

Drakan Options menu with Commands:

options menu.jpg

Check also wide crystals with animated rings.

Drakan. Book of Legends.

Here I recreated Book of the Legends of the Order of The Flame for add it to cutscene in OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake. This book narration appears in Ruined Village level in original Drakan. Animation is made using Unity timeline. I added normals to original textures + added bloom optimized effect on camera. Before I started to make recreation on Unity I had to stitch textures of paintings because after extracting from game they were seperated. And I added captions so it’ll be helpful for non-english players that will able to better understand Drakan story. I plan to make this in other languages version for example german narration because I heard some comments that story narration is narrated in german language for example. English backstory narration are extracted files from Drakan of course. Metalfist’s work inspired me, he recreated it in flash couple years ago:

Drakan: The Orders Book Animation

OpenOOTF: A Drakan Remake wallpaper. Original wallpaper recreation

OpenOOTF Title.jpg

Regards 🙂




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