What is this game?

OpenOOTF is a remake of Drakan: Order of the Flame from 1999

Idea of making this remake is that Drakan: Order of the Flame is incredible, climatic game with amazing plot. Game received positive reception worldwide. Game still has fans, active forums, artists make artworks, modders improve this game deleting bugs and fans play multiplayer despite discouraging technically multiplayer mode.

I’am also fan which wants to make some contribution. But to not make this remake completly the same. I will change plot, levels, menu, add new weapons, new capabilities, availabilities, magic spells.

Project Lead

Special thanks to
Arokhs Twin

You can find the latest info at https://arokhslair.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=4.

You want to be in this list? Make contribution to help do this remake 🙂


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Action takes place in liveable planet which is called Drakan. World of Drakan is immense, vast, enormous, rich in lands,has a slot of unusual creatures such as Dragons,Wartoks, Scavangers and has also 4 moons.

The world of Drakan right now is devastated by endless wars between races and creatures. Especially war between Dark Union and human race. Dark Union is union that consist most of the creatures live in Drakan that fight against human. In this war Dark Union dominates, they conquared most of the towns, villages, makes people slaves, sent people to mines. But there is hope that someone can overcome Dark Union.

ruined village world

There was a day when Rynn and her brother Delon were attacked by Wartoks. They both survived but Delon was abducted. Rynn returned to her village but it was raid by Wartoks and by Dark Union itself.


So she will do everything to get her brother back. But how to defeat the whole horde alone? Rynn will need help. It’s time to get the powerfull Dragon called Arokh.

islands world

But to get that legendary Dragon it won’t be very easy way. She must show courage, determination, combat skills and brave. The dragon will help her get Delon back. But there are many of Evil Dragons which will stand in their way.




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Art Progress


Fan Fictions and Mods

Popular mods and Fan Fictions of Drakan game series. It contains such works as: Drakan: 10th Anniversary by Shelim, The Order Reborn story and other works.

Fan Arts

Drakan fans did incredible works so you can watch this out.Drakan series still has who create their arts of Drakan series.

Gallery of OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake

Here we have recent screenshots of Drakan Remake, it contains most of levels. Its one of way we can show how game develops.

You making artworks? Please send me your artworks based on Drakan World. I will place them here, it’ll be great promotion for you 🙂

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About me

coollogo_com-299691323Welcome. I’am YanGez93. I actually working on Drakan Remake. I know a little bit Unity (game engine), more and more knowledge makes you more creative. I’m interested in fantasy games it makes me beyond the world, imagine that you ride dragon and feeling you can fly wherever you want. Any sugestions to my WordPress pages? And now you write something