Drakan: Multiplayer map test 2018-06-10

Hi. I tested with Mechanist, R3DB and Jage not well known Drakan Multiplayer maps. It was necesarry to choose proper maps so there will be no problems with the game. Here we have exciting screenshots 😀 There were maps where we encountered glitches,bugs but also interesting artifacts or weapons. It was worth taking part in it.


Drakan: New Community Patch installer by Mechanist

Hi, Mechanist started to make new Community Patch to Drakan here we have part of readme of this Community Patch. Not to omit the details, I will provide here information from installer and Mechanist himself.



This installer has been created to make Drakan maximally accessible to everyone, by minimizing the amount of effort required to install and play.
It can even (p)reset some of the most important game settings to their recommended values.

Also included in the Gold Pack is an optional DirectX wrapper called dgVoodoo2 (only available on Windows 7 or newer, due to its software requirements).
It can be used to improve the game’s graphical quality with more modern features, such as anti-aliasing (AA) and/or anisotropic filtering, which weren’t practically feasible at the time of Drakan’s original release in 1999.

By default, this installer presets dgVoodoo for 2x AA and 4x anisotropic filtering. This already provides substantial improvements to Drakan’s visual appearance, while causing only a relatively minor performance penalty.

Thanks to fixes implemented in the AiO patch, dgVoodoo2 now also allows Drakan’s notoriously problematic “Lens Flare Effects” to work on modern systems.
Without dgVoodoo2, Drakan’s Lens Flare Effects generally don’t work at all on most of the modern graphic cards.

The Gold Pack Enhanced also includes the Level Editor, which can be used to create player-made levels.
After installing the Gold Pack, the editor will be located in the <INSTALLDIR>\Drakan\Editor folder.

However, no shortcut to launch the Level Editor has been provided – this is by design, since the editor isn’t particularly user-friendly and requires considerable technical expertise to use properly; those users who would have trouble locating the editor executable file probably shouldn’t be using that tool in the first place.


It’s a true all-in-one patch, which can be applied to ANY version of Drakan (including over the unpatched version from the original game disc), and also includes all the decent SP & MP maps. It also works with non-installable versions of Drakan (eg. UCyborg’s Gold Pack) – if it fails to detect a Drakan installation, it gives the option to search all the hard drives for any Drakan folder(s), and will even create the shortcuts to the found/selected location.

Please try it out, and send me a “direct message” (PM) if you find any problems.

Because it’s an alpha build, there are 2 known issues at this time (please don’t report those): – the “important information” text before the installation begins is just a placeholder for now (and even says so right there), – not all of the bad MP levels have been removed yet, simply because we still haven’t finished checking each and every one of them.


Drakan AiO Patch Final 2.134 by UCyborg

Hi. UCyborg released new AiO patch for Drakan: Order of The Flame that has new fixes:

UPDATE 6/4/2018:

  • Added option to enable DSBCAPS_GLOBALFOCUS flag for DirectSound buffers.
  • Copy Drakan.cfg from install folder to user’s personal Drakan folder if (s)he doesn’t have config file already.
  • Prevent Windows from scaling game window at high DPI settings because it breaks the mouse.
  • Don’t call SetWindowPos on fullscreen window, it’s redundant and can permanently mess up other applications’ window sizes and positions.
  • Allow system supported resolutions for editor’s 3D window.
  • Added option to turn off window message based execution blocking for editor’s 3D window during inactivity for cases when it causes problems.
  • Enabled enhanced GDI scaling at high DPI settings by default for the editing tools (supported on Windows 10 version 1703 and above).

More info at Arokh’s Lair topic by UCyborg: Widescreen hack and some other fixes aka AiO Patch

Drakan AiO Patch Final 2.134

Drakan: Multiplayer matches. Air maps, duels, Quest of Dragon and Hill of Fire. 2018-06-02

Hi. Next couple of multiplayer matches in Drakan took place. There were Air maps, Duels, Ground maps and of course Quest of Dragon. Quest of Dragon was a bit controversial because player who pick up Dragon can win by camping.But of course, when everyone will follow rules everything will be alright. Main players who took part in these matches: noobwar1000, Mechanist, R3DBTeekus. Thank you very much for participation:)

Drakan HeNniFerBoB Streams: Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins! “The Deadly, Neverending Chest!” and Multiplayer Match

Hi all 🙂

I want to post new streams of HeNniFerBoB. She is in progress of making Walkthrough of Drakan. Everyone who feels nostalgia to Drakan should watch it! This is very interesting way of playing Drakan using only Atimar’s Blade 🙂 Links reffer directly to Twitch: