OpenOOTF: Wartok raid cutscene, GUI preview and improved intro

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Recently I spent quite a lot of time to make intro – GUI (main menu) and Wartok Raid cutscene. I worked mainly on animations, it took a lot of time, as well as improving models, inserting better quality materials (and above all, editing models in Blender in terms of smooth shading). I added the cursor, icon, transitions between intro, menu and the first level. You can see all kinds of models that were in the original Drakan: villagers, female villagers, barrels,orcs, trolls and even scavenger. I’ve placed much more fires on burnt houses. In the intro you can see a destructible letters that are directed to the camera (after editing the Arokh animation you can notice that he is rotated at a certain angle ). Any suggestions? Write something 🙂

OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake. Wartok Raid cutscene. Main Menu and Intro

Enjoy 🙂


OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake: The Awakening of Arokh. Arokh’s Lair

Hello everyone 🙂

I spent a few days making cutscene: The Awakening of Arokh in Arokh’s Lair level. The work was based mainly on the recreation of animations both Rynn and Arokh. You can see some improvements in details, especially normal maps on textures. I made much more rocks on this level, sound effects, cave loop sounds, post processing profile, lens flare on moons or motion blur on Arokh’s Wings.

OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake: The Awakening of Arokh. Arokh’s Lair

Thanks to Mechanist for providing support in terms of OOTF cutscene transcripts.

And of course screenshots:

Arokh’s Lair



OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake. Wartok Canyons progress: The Farmer Cutscene ,Rynn and NPCs (Wartoks, Trolls)

Hello everyone!

Recently I’ve made little progress in Wartok Canyons level including : The Farmer Cutscene, animations of Rynn, Wartoks or Trolls. I fixed also depth of field component on camera, it did not work properly before.

You can see screenshots where NPCs are idling.(Wartok holding club or Troll is looking around). Rynn on the other case is holding mace and also has idle animation.I also made her a chain mail skin.

Rynn’s first conversation with The Farmer cutscene:

I’ve made cutscene recreation Rynn’s first conversation with The Farmer before Rynn will go to Spider Cave.Unfortunately I did not have full transcription to make captions but I have that in mind to do so.

Enjoy 🙂

OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake. Volcano. Rynn and Arokh are flying to Rift World

Hello everyone!

I spent some time doing this cutscene. The work consisted mainly in making animations of Arokh and Rynn in Blender software. I wanted to make this as accurately as possible. I added a system of particles at the entrance to Rift World. Or you can hear original sounds from Drakan (especially Lava Loop or Rift Wind).

You can see even Runeblade equipeed by Rynn.


OpenOOTF: Volcano World. Runeblade and Vortex (Entrance to the Rift World)


I’ve spend some time in making cutscene where Rynn and Arokh enter to the Rift World.

Here you can see Runeblade with particle renderer, vortex with 6 particle system, transparent sphere with original texture. Animations :Arokh idle and fly and Rynn dragon riding. All these animations I made in Blender.

Objects that I use here: Evil Tower, Power Pillar and Grotto Gate. Every texture there have normal maps. Check also closely to Arokh, I set quite strong glossiness on his material 🙂

Of course I use Timeline to make cutscene 🙂 2 cameras will be used here, first that which will look at Rynn and Arokh and second that will follow them.

OpenOOTF: Volcano World. Runeblade and Vortex (Entrance to Rift World)


OpenOOTF Progress: Cutscene with Wartok Raid. Ruined Village

Hi, I’ve made little progress on making first cutscene with Rynn and Delon – Wartok Raid. I imported models from Drakan. Made basic animation of walking and idle to each model. And make timeline. Each Wartok has added normals so they look more detailed. For Rynn and Delon it did not look good. Rather, here I would just need better quality textures than masking poor and old quality. Anyways, the most important thing is now there is original Rynn in OpenOOTF 🙂 Please wait for the final video on my YouTube channel soon 🙂

I’ve also added FadeIn effect in first couple seconds of cutscene as it is in original Drakan.


Rynn: For a little brother, you’re not half bad, Delon. The way you found Atimar’s dagger was clever indeed!

Delon: I hope his reward is better than that last book of proverbs he gave me.
There were a couple of funny ones, though. Like, “your tongue weighs practically nothing, so how come you can’t hold it?”, heh… And…

Delon: Uh-oh!

Rynn: Quick! Get behind me!


Progress GUI Drakan

Progress on Select Level of Difficulty and Loading bar

Select Level of Difficulty and Loading

OpenOOTF progress: New features

Hi. I’d like to post news about recent progress of OpenOOTF: A Drakan Remake.

Drakan intro


I’ve spending some time in recreating intro of Drakan:Order of The Flame.As you can see: owl and Arokh are animated. I’ve added sound fx. I made destructible letters. For each letter – I added rigidbody and cutted into parts so after Arokh impact they collapse

Drakan GUI:

Main menu with animated rings. Here is example of animated rotating inner and outer rings. Currently there are made such features in menu :credits, quit, new game, and options.

Exit pop-up with message “Too scared to face the perils of Drakan?” Of course with sound effects with triggers: hovering,clicking or pop-up.

exit popup.jpg

Drakan Options menu with Commands:

options menu.jpg

Check also wide crystals with animated rings.

Drakan. Book of Legends.

Here I recreated Book of the Legends of the Order of The Flame for add it to cutscene in OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake. This book narration appears in Ruined Village level in original Drakan. Animation is made using Unity timeline. I added normals to original textures + added bloom optimized effect on camera. Before I started to make recreation on Unity I had to stitch textures of paintings because after extracting from game they were seperated. And I added captions so it’ll be helpful for non-english players that will able to better understand Drakan story. I plan to make this in other languages version for example german narration because I heard some comments that story narration is narrated in german language for example. English backstory narration are extracted files from Drakan of course. Metalfist’s work inspired me, he recreated it in flash couple years ago:

Drakan: The Orders Book Animation

OpenOOTF: A Drakan Remake wallpaper. Original wallpaper recreation

OpenOOTF Title.jpg

Regards 🙂



Intro of OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake : progress

Hi! I’d like to present you newest screenshots progress of OpenOOTF:A Drakan Remake Intro.


Here you see bunch of things that I’ve done. For example I had to modify each letter from original model. For example I modified R -> P, R->F, N->M. Thanks to Mechanist’s Level Editor updates I’ve been able to export Alpha Channel textures so you can see them for example on tree branches textures. Thanks to Morell’s model I placed wise Drakan owl 🙂 But I had to edit UV coordinates, since I’ve had non-textured model exported from Pepacura.

You can see waterfalls as they are in original Drakan. Oak tree and almost the same placement of trees.

Snowy part of Wartok Canyons

Hi, Wartok Canyons level still progress. Here we have some screenshots with snowy part of Wartok Canyons. I added snow, edit grass, rock materials. In newest video-gameplay you’ll see that Rynn will has sound of footsteps and ambience sounds 🙂

In screenshots we can see winter scenery that will be “basis” of level Grotto. Anyways, advanced terrain as “natural bridges” or walkable canyons still in progress 🙂 Check also snow flakes, waterfall and troll gate textures 🙂


The current progress of work is as follows. You can see that most of the level is quite finished. but there are no details here such as caves, triggers, sounds etc.